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Executive recruiting requires a personalized, focused approach that one-size-fits-all recruiting systems cannot support. Jobvite’s suite of tools helps you source, nurture, communicate with, and onboard the right executive talent to lead your business.

Created for relationship building

Recruiting the right executives takes time. Jobvite’s CRM capabilities allow you to build future leader pipelines to track and nurture the right candidates over the months-long process with targeted messaging meant for them. Our Talent Pool Management system allows you to segment your database of possible candidates by any criteria that fits your needs, allowing you to find a group of qualified, warm talent for your open executive reqs at any time.




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Reach on-the-go execs at any time

Our Intelligent Messaging tool is built for busy candidates. With the highest read and response rates, texting offers recruiters a quick and easy way to reach and connect with executives in real time. Initiate conversations like interview scheduling and onboarding materials over text with your candidates and track conversations with various hiring committee members in one place.



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Keep the hiring process confidential

The Jobvite ATS keeps confidentiality in mind throughout the entire hiring process. With the ability to open jobs with limited access, make them internal-only, or allow for no posting at all, you can keep the search private but still collaborate with the hiring manager on the process and manage the candidates within Jobvite.




The organization I work for has a VERY long hiring process, sometimes taking up to 6 months to hire. Jobvite allows us to keep track of the hiring stages a candidate is at and helps us keep track of the initial thoughts interviewers have. This feature is incredibly important to us as each candidate is evaluated by the panel of interviewers who discuss the candidates at length once the candidates have finished all the interviews.

Valeria V.
Hiring Manager

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