How to Create a Seamless Onboarding Process

There is nothing a recruiter hates more than spending the time and effort to attract, interview, and hire a new employee only to have that employee leave within their first 3 months due to a poor onboarding experience. In fact, research shows that 28% of all new hires leave in the first 90 days.

The fact is while finding good quality workers can be challenging, software like Jobvite’s fully integrated onboarding platform helps teams set new employees up for success by getting them started on the right foot. A good onboarding process gives both the new hire and company the right tools to build relationships.

Here are some tips to help you create a seamless onboarding process.

Introduce new employees to the company culture and make them feel welcome

Back in the old days, companies weren’t as concerned with making new workers feel welcome. Back then, you got a paycheck and a few grunts from tenured employees. But today, people know what it’s like to be “the new guy,” and want you to feel like you are welcome and part of a team.

Businesses have been making more of an effort to make new employees feel welcome. You don’t have to buy them a fruit basket. But some recruiters find that assigning mentors or peers to new hires is a great way to ensure someone is there to answer any questions and help make introductions.

People who feel welcome during their onboarding experience are more likely to act like a true team member and put more effort into their work. This means that making new employees feel welcome is a vital part of the onboarding process.

Aside from making new employees feel welcome, the key to ensuring a seamless onboarding process is to introduce them to the company culture. The way that a new employee interacts with company culture is a major determining factor in their potential for success.

In other words, hiring managers and HR professionals should pay attention to how new employees react to the company culture as they are being introduced to it.

Most companies have a certain way of doing things and they expect their team members to do things the same way. Ensuring that new workers catch on to how things are done and assimilates with your company culture is paramount to their success in your organization.

Provide new employees with training resources and support

Just because an employee has become familiar with the company culture doesn’t mean that they know how to do anything. It’s perfectly natural for workers to have some confusion after the first couple of weeks or so.

Every new employee should be provided with training resources and support. Keep in mind, it’s worth noting which employees choose to make use of the training resources that are available to them versus those who choose not to.

Workers who choose to utilize training resources are more likely to be productive and committed to company interests. By withholding or neglecting training resources, companies make it more difficult for new employees to adjust to the job.

Make employees feel like they are part of something important

If at this point the people you have hired are embracing the company culture or at least outperforming their peers in the service of your brand, you need to make them feel important. More specifically, you need to make them feel like they are part of something important.

When someone’s only motivation to work is to clock in and clock out, productivity suffers. On the other hand, when you have an employee who is engaged and invested in the quality of their work, you have an asset.

The key to turning new employees into assets starts with a seamless onboarding process. The smoother their onboarding experience is, the sooner they can acclimate to the culture and start becoming more productive.

Whether you’re a biofuel company determined to change the world or a small insurance firm, it’s essential to make employees feel like they are part of something important. You need to make them feel like the work they do makes a difference.

That difference could be something as simple as a smile on a customer’s face or something as noble as the satisfaction of knowing that their work helps preserve the planet. Dressing up an otherwise ordinary job and making it seem extraordinary is easier than you might think. People are easily motivated by all kinds of things.

Start the onboarding process right by sourcing the best candidates

Now that you know more about designing and executing a seamless onboarding process, it’s time to reflect upon the importance of sourcing the best candidates in the first place. In many ways, the key to a superior onboarding experience and higher employee retention rates starts with finding the right candidates.

If you don’t have the right candidates to work with, the onboarding process will be catastrophic, no matter how much thought you put into it. When a new candidate isn’t right for your company it doesn’t matter how much you have invested in training resources, it’s doomed to fail.

Onboarding in recruitment is an essential process that requires proper attention. You should always follow a detailed hiring process checklist. The key to onboarding productive new employees and increasing employee retention successfully is to use the right solution during the hiring process. That solution has a name, Jobvite, the ultimate onboarding platform!

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