Jobvite Academy is Open for Enrollment

At Jobvite, we’re obsessed with helping Talent Acquisition (TA) professionals learn and grow. Traditionally, recruiting professionals have had to develop skills on the job which can limit opportunities for this growth, so we created a place to develop those valuable skills. Enter Jobvite Academy—an online learning center for TA teams to modernize their recruiting skills and develop innovative action plans informed by industry best practices. Learn more in the release.

In an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, TA professionals need the right skills and technology to succeed. Without these resources, your company may lose out on recruiting top talent. Jobvite Academy can help your team strengthen talent acquisition skills and create actionable plans to optimize your organization’s recruiting strategies. Best of all, Jobvite Academy is open to all talent acquisition professionals regardless of the TA technologies they use every day.

How does Jobvite Academy work?

With Jobvite Academy, your team can complete courses and gain certifications in a variety of TA concentration areas. Learn about creating an audience-based marketing strategy, develop actionable plans, and expand on valuable skills within the Jobvite Academy curriculum.

Your courses will include workbooks that provide tips, checklists, templates, and more. Complete course modules and take a final exam to obtain your certification that can be downloaded and added to your LinkedIn profile. Start by enrolling your team in the Recruitment Marketing course, available now!

Current and Upcoming Certifications:

  • Recruitment Marketing (Available now!)
  • Applicant Management (Coming soon)
  • TA Operations (Coming soon)

Jobvite Academy enrollment benefits

Jobvite Academy’s curriculum is designed to provide targeted and relevant training to improve overall daily performance for your TA team. Allow your team to upgrade their skills and broaden their training on critical recruiting skills, key competencies, and proven industry best practices.

Each program can be completed at your own pace, includes seven learning modules, and qualifies for SHRM and HRCI credits. We want you and your team to shine for your organization!

More benefits to training at the Jobvite Academy:

  • Drive retention on your team by showing that your organization cares about their professional development and continued learning
  • Create actionable plans and optimize existing recruiting strategies for business growth
  • Allow each team member to gather insights about the complexity of today’s marketplace and gain competitive advantage in your industry

A team needs the right technology and knowledge to perform its best and compete for top industry talent. With strong training, your team can become specialized experts and create actionable plans for recruiting strategies. Upskill your recruiting team and improve execution to hire with confidence leveraging your learnings from Jobvite Academy’s curriculum. We’re so excited to help propel talent acquisition teams forward—get started today!

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