3 Tips to Fast Track a High Volume of Positions

Across the country, companies across all industries are looking to hire a lot of new employees — and fast. Expectations for economic recovery are high, but after a rough year that included not only the pandemic, but also furloughs, down-sizing, and layoffs, the return to full staffing isn’t as easy as just flipping a switch.

The US added close to a million jobs in June, but the number of available positions far exceeds the number of people looking for work. For a variety of reasons, many workers have yet to return to the workforce. Hiring managers and talent pros alike are under pressure to fill open roles, but talent remains scarce.

In our latest e-book, How to Hire Top Talent Quickly, we offer useful insights and tips to help any talent acquisition team attract and hire qualified candidates in a hiring surge. We also dig into five specific challenging scenarios facing today’s talent acquisition (TA) pros and provide real-life, actionable guidance to help find and hire the talent you need as quickly as possible.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll lay out our game plan for each of these five scenarios on the Jobvite blog. Check back often for advice that’s relevant to your hiring needs — or download the e-book now if you just can’t wait.

Today we’re covering the top tips to keep up with and fast track high-volume hiring with our first recruiter, Amara.

The hiring challenge: hiring a high volume of positions

Amara is the senior recruiter for a large restaurant chain. As people start dining out again, the restaurants’ hours and seating capacity have increased across all locations. To meet this rising demand, Amara needs to hire several servers, bussers, and line cooks for these restaurant locations — fast.

Immediately filling dozens of openings can seem daunting, but it’s a challenge that industries like hospitality, retail, and manufacturing know all too well. Fortunately, Amara has a game plan to simplify the hiring process, expand her team’s approach, and get a leg up on the competition.

Game plan for hiring a high volume of positions

1. Quickly broadcast open positions

Hiring for a high volume of positions often requires looking beyond traditional sourcing channels for retail, restaurant, and hospitality candidates. Many of these jobs are in small and mid-size towns where there’s a saturation of talent. Leveraging technology to broadcast these jobs to a range of sites can help broaden your candidate range effectively.

Jobvite’s Job Broadcast solution automatically distributes your job descriptions to hundreds of sites, including industry-specific destinations. It provides a centralized place to manage all your job postings. Assign job boards based on specific attributes to ensure that positions will be seen by the most relevant candidates. The best part? You can update all your job postings across all sites — from one system.

2. Embrace text recruiting

When you need to hire a lot of people as fast as possible, it pays to meet candidates where they are. In recent years, that means embracing text messaging for candidate communications. In fact, our  2021 Job Seeker Nation Survey  found that 69% of job seekers prefer texts over email or phone communication for things like scheduling interviews.

Texts also have an open rate of 98% — far higher than email! Automated texts through Jobvite’s Intelligent Messaging can be used to confirm interview appointments, send video links, and share helpful career site pages and information. However you incorporate them into your hiring strategy, texts are a great way to creatively engage your talent pool.




3. Deliver an engaging candidate experience

Sometimes enticing candidates requires a unique, exciting experience — especially when you’re targeting the next generation of talent. After all, you’re not the only business with a “Now Hiring” sign in your window!

Jobvite’s recruiting technology enables talent teams to build innovative processes that really stand out from the competition. Our mobile apply process with text to apply offers a quick, intuitive experience for on-the-go candidates. And the automated audience segmentation functionality allows you to instantly send personalized texts to many candidates and manage responses to individual conversations — keeping your job opportunity top of mind on each candidate’s phone.

Let Jobvite help

Whatever hiring challenges you’re facing, having the right tools and technology in place will help you streamline workflows, increase operational efficiency, and improve the candidate experience. Jobvite empowers recruiters with solutions and services to find, engage, nurture, and hire top talent quickly. Visit jobvite.com and schedule a demo to learn how!

In future blog posts, we’ll cover topics like finding top talent for highly-specialized roles and working effectively when your recruiting team is short-staffed — so check back often! Or download How to Hire Top Talent Quickly for more advice to help you “hire right, when talent is tight.”