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Grow stronger through diversity hiring

Diversity and Inclusion is not a destination, it’s a journey. This journey requires people, process, and technology to work together to mitigate conscious and unconscious bias where possible, create opportunities for underrepresented communities, and build strong teams based on talent wherever it is found.

Jobvite Diversity & Inclusion Pack

Building a more diverse workforce begins with how your employer brand attracts and connects with job seekers of all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, identities, sexual orientations, locations, and abilities. Conscious and unconscious hiring bias can have deep roots; accordingly, it is not something that technology alone can solve. That’s why Jobvite offers a unique combination of technology and services to help our customers build a more diverse pipeline of talent strategically.


Jobvite’s D&I Pack:

  • Helps employers attract, engage, and convert a more diverse pipeline of talent
  • Assists in reducing unconscious bias during the candidate resume review process
  • Tracks and measures progress with D&I recruitment marketing initiatives

Illustration of Job Description Grader

Job Description Grader

The Job Description Grader by Jobvite is a talent acquisition tool that analyzes your job description and creates a custom report to help you overcome recruitment obstacles and attract the best applicants.

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Attract and engage more diverse job seekers

Jobvite will help you create and host content that engages more diverse talent and conveys an employer brand that lives by its value of an inclusive workforce. Our offering includes:

  • Creating and hosting career site pages that embrace and promote inclusion strategies and programs
  • Publishing blog and video content
  • Building and launching email and social campaigns





Reduce unconscious bias

Bias BlockerTM from Jobvite automatically hides identifiable information you wish to redact from a candidate’s resume before hiring manager review.

  • Select the types of identifiable information you wish to redact on the resume
  • Candidate resume will be intelligently de-identified while key information is retained

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Track and measure progress

Track and report on the diverse demographics of candidates and effectiveness of diversity hiring initiatives.

  • Identify the best sources for diverse talent
  • Understand the effectiveness of D&I content to attract and engage a diverse audience
  • Track and report on the progression of diverse applicants through the recruiting process

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