Internal Mobility

Keep your greatest assets, your employees

Recruitment efforts are worthless if your company is a revolving door for employees. The #1 reason employees leave companies is due to lack of career development. Studies show inadequate opportunities for professional development is a major contributor to low employee engagement and high turnover. Most companies have little to no visibility into their current workforce and don’t understand the skills or career desires of their workforce. Likewise, employees are forced to manually check for opportunities with a similar lack of visibility and often find themselves being treated as an external employee.

Future proof your organization

Build a stronger focus on current talent utilization. Enhance your organization’s ability to best engage internal talent capabilities with access to the skills and knowledge of your employees.

Collect and share relevant information organizationally to prevent “over-sourcing” by leveraging skills analysis, location, role history, and more to have your existing talent readily available and mapped to the right opportunities when the right time arrives.

Better understand the inventory of your existing skills, identify potential skill gaps, and simultaneously future proof your organization by building a pipeline of internal candidates.





Increase employee engagement

Encourage your employees to see a future within their own organization instead of elsewhere. Internally engage, develop and maximize employees by intelligently aligning them to opportunities and experiences where they will have the most impact and personal growth.

Our technology helps automatically recommend which internal roles would be suitable for employees’ career progression based on their skills, location, search history, and flight risk.

Existing employees are provided a VIP apply experience and can be automatically sent a list of tailored roles based on their preferences and how actively they are searching for a new position.



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Realize ROI via analytics & intelligence

Match business needs with growth opportunities and reduce spend on recruiting and retaining top talent. Better understand and utilize your internal talent so you can focus on creating an improved, more efficient, and innovative workplace. Provide visibility into employee interests in lateral and vertical moves while hiring faster and cheaper through improved analytics and business intelligence.

Accurately view, understand, and deliver opportunities to your workforce. Leverage predictive analytics to understand likely attrition and your organization’s performance relative to your industry.

Ensure talent readiness – identify and target internal talent audiences such as high performing employees and flight risks with roles based on matches while tracking the retention rate of your organization. Address the related impact on real and/or forecasted savings of your organization through deep analytics.








One of the things internal mobility allows us to do is to move into different areas with different people and bring those perspectives that have been gained over time to those new areas.

Dave Getty
VP of Product Development, Epicor

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