Recruiting Events

Connect with people, not paper

Events serve as an important channel for employer branding and sourcing talent. Recruiting events can be physical as well as virtual. Both types require attracting, engaging, and nurturing talent pre, post, and during the event. When it comes to events, recruiters should be consumed with connecting with people, not paper. Jobvite enables you to collect contact information and resumes digitally so you can focus on capturing qualitative information through conversation.

Attract more qualified attendees

  • Promote your recruiting event on the best channels geared for your target audience
  • Launch a pre-event email and web campaign that attracts and engages with registered attendees before the event, and have that context at your fingertips during the event




Digitally transform the experience

  • Automate the digital collection of contact information and resumes before and during the event
  • Immediately follow up and nurture leads by scheduling automated post-event communications
  • Stay connected with event attendees well beyond the event with nurture campaigns



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Track and measure your success

  • Centrally manage and measure event registrations and attendance
  • Report on how each event grew talent pipeline, drove applicants, and produced new hires



The morning of the event, we had people lined up waiting to check in. Hiring managers said the caliber of the attendees this time were significantly better because we were specifically sourcing people that had the skill sets we were looking for.

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