Text Recruiting

How modern talent acquisition teams connect with job seekers

In a world where beginning a relationship happens online at the swipe of a finger, why are we still trying to connect with talent over missed calls and crowded inboxes? Make a good first impression by meeting candidates where they are – on the phone that’s always in their pocket.

Increase your response rates and shorten response time

Stand out from crowded email inboxes with one-to-one or one-to-many recruitment text messages that empower candidates to send quick responses at their convenience. After all, text is the preferred communication channel for 60% of candidates and the open-rate of texts is 98%!




Automate the grunt work and focus
on connections

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to send candidates personalized texts, employment branding assets, and scheduling links when the time is right. This allows recruiters to automate repetitive follow-up and better focus on candidates deeper in their talent pipeline. Leveraging AI-driven communication for recruitment automation is a win for candidates too – employment opportunities at their fingertips is the seamless hiring experience they are looking for.



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Gain better tracking and visibility

If your recruiters are already texting candidates from their personal numbers and outside of your system, you’re losing that visibility. By having text messaging capabilities inherent in your recruitment platform gives the team shared access to active conversations and stores transcripts of past conversations, all connected to the candidate profile. Additionally, Jobvite’s Bias BlockerTM automatically hides identifiable information you wish to redact from a candidate’s resume before hiring manager review.

As soon as we started texting, we saw an immediate increase in candidate response rate. They'd say, This is the easiest process I've ever used, so convenient.'

Scott Sendelweck
Director of Employment Brand, CHN

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